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You need to tell your brand’s story across a variety of media. That means different things for different organizations—perhaps it includes a new logo, or even a new name. Whether your brand has a retail component or exists only online, you’re certain to need a robust digital presence to reach your audience. So what kind of firm do you work with? A strategy company? A packaging design firm? A web designer?

Our experience has been that the brands that really cut through the clutter are the ones where the design is made powerful by its strategic underpinnings, and where the brand image is portrayed consistently and powerfully across all customer touchpoints both analog and digital. To do that, we think you need the disciplines of strategy, design and development working together under the same roof. So that’s the company we built.

We Do

A solid strategic foundation is the indispensable first step in building a memorable brand. Working together with our embedded partners at Stoke, we harness strategic branding’s capacity to capture the imagination—to inspire your audience to believe. We peel the onion, poke holes, ask questions, discover what makes your brand unique. And then help you tell the world about it.

— Competitive Analysis
— Brand Positioning
— Brand Architecture
— Market Research
— Naming
— Content Planning

In our heart of hearts, we are identity designers. Although our capabilities and experience extend to a wide range of design and strategy offerings, identity is at the core of everything we do. We love the challenge of crafting visual systems that capture our clients' unique brand personas. Systems that clarify purpose, encourage action, and inspire brand loyalty. Whether we’re designing from the ground up, managing a transition, or building upon an established identity, the whole brand experience is always on our radar. We design identities that balance the use of iconic, enduring brand elements with the flexibility to evolve, surprise and delight.

— Logo
— Voice & Personality
— Visual System
— Guidelines

As designers, we thrive on the new and the novel—we strive to push the limits, try things that haven’t been tried before. As developers, we understand that underpinning digital experiences with a fundamental rigor sets them up to be intuitive, scalable, and easy for our clients to maintain. We design to transform digital touch points into powerful, interactive brand assets. We write code to ensure pixel perfect reliability and responsiveness.

— UX & UI Design
— CMS Integration
— Responsive Web
— Motion & Video Graphics
— Presentations
— Social Media Design

We have a big appetite for package design because it’s loaded with so much potential to connect with people. Packaging can often be the first, last or only touch point a consumer has with your brand. And sometimes the product IS the packaging. There is no more immediate opportunity to seduce someone to choose you. To a large degree, Turnstyle built its design reputation through engagements in the packaging arena. It remains near and dear to our hearts, and we always jump at the chance to develop brands that live in the world of consumer packaged goods.

— Food & Beverage
— Product
— Promotional

In the brand scheme of things, a space is as important as the branded touch points that get you there. What is more experiential than connecting people to place? Architectural, interior, retail, and exhibition spaces provide potent moments of engagement between consumers and brands. Collaborating with clients, architects, interior designers and builders, we strive to design signage and installations that feel native to their environments—integral to their spaces as physical expressions of the brand.

— Branded Retail
— Signage
— Wayfinding
— Point of Sale
— Exhibition

Some projects featuring Strategy

Some projects featuring Identity

Some projects featuring Digital

Some projects featuring Packaging

Some projects featuring Environment


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We Believe


In our experience, the brands that are the most magnetic are those which project distinct, memorable and charismatic personalities. These brands place equal emphasis on what they say and how they say it. Some design purists might say that style is merely artificial decoration that should be avoided in favor of logic—“form follows function” and all that. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not proponents of style for its own sake, or as ornament applied after an idea has already been defined.

Rather, we employ style as an integral and strategic component of our brand-development process. At its best, style can be that magical something about a company or product that pulls people in and transcends the logical. So, to us, style is not a 4-letter word. On the contrary, we embrace it, harnessing its power to cut through the clutter. And besides, style has five letters.


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