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Vulcan Real Estate: the World’s First Salmon-Safe Developer

Vulcan believes that a successful real estate development is one that moves the meter socially, economically, and environmentally. That’s why the Salmon-Safe program fits right into the Vulcan way.

Founded a decade ago, Salmon-Safe got its start certifying farms and food-makers in Washington, Oregon, California, and B.C. that support good land-use practices. In 2014, they extended their oversight to real estate development, and Vulcan Real Estate has become the first Salmon-Safe accredited developer in the world.

Turnstyle partnered with Worker Bees to develop Vulcan’s salmon-safe public awareness campaign which includes an informative website and construction fence banners.

Salmon  Safe Construction Fencing 01

This initiative aligns with Vulcan co-founders Paul Allen and Jody Allen’s push to protect the environment. So far—with their accredited contractor partners—Vulcan has finished or started construction on eight Salmon-Safe certified projects, with at least eight more in the works. 

Salmon Safe Construction Fencing 02
Salmon Safe Construction Fencing 03
Salmon Safe Construction Fencing 05
Salmon Safe Construction Fencing 04

If you like the idea that what we do above the waterline can make life better for those beneath it, then there are plenty of things you can do to support the cause. Visit the Vulcan Salmon-Safe website to go below the surface and find out more: Vulcan Salmon-safe

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