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Seattle is an amazing region to catch a glimpse of the technology unicorns roaming our very own backyards. From alpha platforms, to beta customers, to "emerge-and-scale" (at breakneck speed), building a brand design system requires a similar mindset. We've been fortunate to work with several of these companies like Lockstep, Common Room and Arrived to develop just-in-time, right-sized toolkits that support brand awareness and help inform product identity. 

Working closely with product and marketing teams as well as executive leadership, we are truly "building the plane while in flight," helping these companies develop key elements (like color schemes, iconography, data visualization and motion graphics, for instance) to inform user experience, product roadmaps and more. These fast-growing organizations also often enlist our help in quickly articulating key ideas for investor presentations, keynote talks or explainer videos. Building a noteworthy core design system that articulates the brand story while having the elasticity to scale with the business in real-time is precisely what emerging technology companies seek in their design partners. And witnessing their acceleration in growth and reputation is (almost) as exciting as spotting an actual unicorn.

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