Turnstyle Recommends – Frelard



What is Frelard? It’s where Fremont meets Ballard – and where you can find Turnstyle HQ.

Explore the many great places to eat, drink, and shop when you visit us. Here's a few of our favorite places.


The Dish Cafe, Big Mario's Pizza, Seattle Biscuit Company (Willie Lee), Frēlard Pizza Company, Revel (dungeness crab noodle), Local Tide (salmon BLT, rockfish bowl), Meesha (connaught butter chicken), El Camino, Made in House (stone pot bop), Pel Meni Dumpling Tzar, Kin Len Thai Night Bites (banana blossom fries), Simply Desserts, Fainting Goat Gelato, and Cafe Turko.


The Ice Box Arcade (arcade, pinball), Imperfetta (well-curated selection of wines and our next door neighbor), Stampede Cocktail Club (unusual and inventive cocktails), The George & Dragon Pub, Mischief on Canal, Add-A-Ball (pinball), Brouwer's Cafe (4 craft beers on draft, a selection of over 400 bottles from both the U.S. and abroad), The BackDoor, Aslan Brewing, Norm's Eatery & Ale House (dog friendly!), Nectar Lounge, Schilling Cider House, and Milstead & Co.


Wonderland Gear Exchange, Theo Chocolate (tour our local Willy Wonka), Indoor Sun Shoppe (plant heaven), Sfingiday, Burnt Sugar, Essenza, Portage Bay Goods, Peace Love and Happiness Club (another plant heaven), Fremont Vintage Mall (vintage finds), Ophelia's Books (used books, bookstore cats!), Jive Time Records, and Fremont Sunday Street Market.

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