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If you don’t live in Seattle or San Francisco, then you’re missing out on some of the most delicious, wholesome, and sustainably-sourced sandwiches around. But fear not, this startup sandwich shop is on the move, with plans to expand to more and more cities throughout the US in the coming months and years. To that end, Homegrown needed a logo tune-up and website overhaul prior to their planned growth, and Turnstyle was delighted to oblige.




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Homegrown Logo

Refining the Logo

Homegrown’s previous logo was well-loved by the company and their fans, so our revisions were designed to help solve functional issues while remaining subtle. The new logo is not as tall so it fits better in narrow spaces. Simplified leaves and bolder lettering perform better at small sizes, and also accommodate neon tubes in signage applications. Finally, we allow the vegetation to become the logo’s sole focal point by making the “h” lowercase and adjusting the letterforms so the “g” is centered.

Homegrown Logo Variations
Homegrown Logo Seal

The Seal

The Homegrown seal is a logo variation that provides mass in signage and other applications where a more vertical presence is advantageous. Without our efforts to center the “g” in the logotype, this arrangement would not have been an option.

Homegrown Logo Seal over image of sandwiches and ingredients
Homegrown Logo Seal Bag


A huge part of what makes Homegrown so unique (and so tasty) is that they source their ingredients locally—they even started their own farm near Seattle to help supply their stores. But as they branched out to California and beyond, they needed their website to reflect new versions of local. Our website design (built on the Craft CMS) entices you on the front end with mouthwatering food imagery, while robust functionality operates behind the scenes to ensure you’ll always see only the ingredients and sources available in your store.

Homegrown region select dialogue from website
Homegrown website homepage video
Homegrown website homepage
Homegrown website menu page
Homegrown Iconography
Homegrown website on mobile device

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