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Rheinhaus is Seattle’s first and only combination bocce ball venue + Bavarian-style beer hall. Turnstyle’s design for the identity system involves a widely varied and flexible set of logos and visual elements that put a fresh and playful spin on historic European design tropes by remixing traditional visual references with just the right amount of camp. The result is a widely varied and versatile set of graphic elements that can be mixed and matched as they're applied to everything from signage to beer steins to faux-lederhosen t-shirts. We like to think that some part of the significant buzz around the restaurant’s opening (hundreds arrived within the first hour) can be attributed to its intriguing visual identity. 




Identity, Print, Environments

Rheinhaus Logos Crop Black 2400X1384

Bavarian, but not too Bavarian

The founders of Rheinhaus wanted the venue to capture the same joyful spirit as famous beer halls like Munich's Hofbräuhaus, where patrons sit at long tables with enormous beers, and sing together. But they also knew they wanted it to be a uniquely American experience and didn't want to be judged on how faithfully they'd interpreted German traditions of cuisine, architecture and branding. And in any case, being located in a young, urban Seattle neighborhood, a purely traditional beer hall would not have been likely to succeed. 

Given these circumstances, our approach to the brand was to borrow unabashedly from Bavarian design themes when it served our purposes, but then remix them into something altogether new—a contemporary and quirky identity that references European sporting tropes without taking itself too seriously.

Rheinhaus Business Cards 2400X1604
Rheinhaus Tablescape 2400X1600 Alt Color
Rheinhaus Blade Sign 1600X2067
Rhein Haus Primary Idsign 1600X2067
Rheinhaus Windows 02 Hours 2400X1631
Rheinhaus Bocce Courts 2400X1350
Rhein Haus Bbq Pack 2400X1604 Altcolor
Rheinhaus Menu Cover 1600X1600 C
Rhein Haus Square Coaster 1600X1600B
Rheinhaus Four Coasters2400X1402
Rhein Haus Logos 05
Rhein Haus Logos 06
Rheinhaus Shirt 1600X1600
Rheinhaus X Emblem Table 1600X1600

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