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When Turnstyle first began working with Teague in 2005, the company was still establishing its brand position. Long known as the firm responsible for the interior design of Boeing jets, they sometimes struggled to define themselves in broader terms for non-aviation clients. With a string of successful engagements in the consumer electronics space (Xbox, Samsung, HP), they soon determined their competitive strength lay in their unique blend of deep transportation expertise paired with user experience design. Through that transition and since, Turnstyle has engaged with Teague on a continuous basis to help them communicate their unique value proposition to the world. A sampling of projects from the last several years is included below.




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Teague Logotype


A stylized ‘T,’ represents movement into the future—to convey Teague's pioneering spirit. The symbol adds energy and vitality to the visual identity system and functions more readily than the wordmark in formats with constrained space.

Teague Logo Animation 050823 1
Teague Moodboard
Teague Poster Wall

Call to Action

In the early 20th century, Walter Dorwin Teague kickstarted the industry with his work for innovators like Kodak, Du Pont and The Boeing Company. Things have changed a lot in the past one hundred years, but Teague’s call to action remains unchanged: DESIGN THIS DAY. It simply means that now is the greatest time to drive change, innovation and results.

Teague Color
Teague Typeface 3
Teague Posters


Teague enlisted Turnstyle to redesign, develop and launch a robust new website to help communicate their vast depth and breath of expertise coupled with their visionary ability to futurecast what's new and next. A key objective was to entrench Teague as a thought leader by showcasing innovative projects as well as featuring forward-looking ideas and insights. The website also needed to highlight areas of focus, leverage the updated visual identity and elevate the brand experience—all to more effectively generate leads and attract talent.

Built using a systematic and intuitive design architecture, the site leverages custom animations and visually compelling sensory details to encourage visitors to discover content. Teague point of view about combining technology and design expertise with a deep understanding of human behavior to solve complex problems and shape the future is threaded into the narrative tone. 

Teague Website Laptop
Teague Website Placeholder

A Note on Swag

Was branded merch the secret to successfully marketing Teague like the swag blogs said it would be? Of course not. There’s no definitive research that shows organizations with cool swag achieve 200+% growth or maintain 0% turnover, but a cool pair of socks never hurt anybody either. We believe if you’re going to create swag, make it something your people would want to wear/keep even if they didn't work for the company. Teague believes this too.

Teague Socks 3
Teague Couch Socks
Teague Swag
Teague Tshirt 02
Teague Book 1 B
Teague Book 2
Teague Book 3
Teague Nike
Teague Book 4
Teague Designing For The Future 2
Teague Future 1
Teague Future 2 B
Teague Future 3 B
Teague Designs That Fly
700 C
Teague  Fuselage Cross Section Animation Transparent Bkg 4
Teague Fly 1
Teague Fly 2 B
Teague Fly 3
Teague Fly 4
Stats B
Teague Fly 5
Teague Fly 6
Teague Design For Space
Teague Space 1 B
Teague Astronaut
Teague Micro Inventor
Teague Citizen Astro
Teague Off World
Teague Science Spec B
Teague Crew Service
Teague Space Launch 2
Teague Moon B
Teague Brandguide
Teague Stationery 1
Teague Stationery 2
Teague Keycard

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