TEAGUE Flying Aces

Brand Identity & Website

TEAGUE designs new futures in travel and technology, solving problems and fulfilling aspirations in ways that break new ground. In their effort the create new futures, TEAGUE solicited the experience, expertise and perspective of individuals in the commercial air travel industry. These individuals were dubbed Flying Aces.

Flying Aces contribute to making the world of commercial aviation a better place, one experience at a time. As a Flying Ace one might be asked to participate in early product testing, take surveys, be interviewed one-on-one or share opinions in focus groups. Some of these opportunities require in-person participation, but most are online. We created the identity, print collateral and website for the campaign.


TEAGUE Flying Aces


Identity, Digital, Print


TEAGUE Flying Aces Logo
TEAGUE Flying Aces Logos
TEAGUE Flying Aces Logo in a picture frame
TEAGUE Flying Ace Type Logos
TEAGUE Flying Aces Postcard
TEAGUE Flying Aces Pin
TEAGUE Flying Aces Pin

A Website Worthy of an Ace

We built a rich, scrolling site aimed at surfacing new surveys, insights, and generating excitement around the program. Leveraging the air travel visual vernacular together with dynamic scrolling effects, we created a unique and functional home for all things Flying Aces.

TEAGUE Flying Aces Website Hero Area
TEAGUE Flying Aces Website Landing Page
TEAGUE Flying Aces, Ace Types Website Area
TEAGUE Flying Aces Website on a mobile device

Social Media

In additional to printed campaign collateral, we assisted in creating a suite of assets for use in social media.

TEAGUE Flying Aces Social Media Collateral

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