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Nice to meet you, UDEM.

Turnstyle Principal Steven Watson recently gave a lecture and led two workshops at the University of Monterrey’s Roberto Garza Sada Center for Art, Architecture, and Design in Monterrey, Mexico. The lecture used case studies to showcase Turnstyle’s process collaborating with clients and the workshops lead students through a whole-brain approach to creating brand identity systems. We are grateful to the UDEM Graphic Design department faculty and staff for inviting Turnstyle to speak and for being such gracious hosts. Steve was very impressed with the UDEM LDG program, the architecture of the Robert Garza Sada Center and all the comida deliciosa he ate in Monterrey! Muchas Gracias a la UDEM.

Steve’s visit to UDEM was covered by a! Diseño, a premier design magazine in Mexico that covers various aspects of design and visual culture such as: graphic design, industrial design, architecture, interior design, fashion design, photography, advertising and marketing. Read the article.

Crgs Building 2400X1800
Udem Lecture Hall
Udem Lecture 01
Udem Lecture 02
Udem Workshop 01
Udem Workshop 02
Udem Workshop 03

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