So Many New Faces!



We’ve welcomed several new team members recently, and some recently-ish. In no particular order, we’re excited to introduce you to these stellar Turnstyle additions.

Katrina Baker is our Project Manager. Katrina has been with Turnstyle since March 2021, and has managed projects for Amazon, Microsoft, Substantial, and Ethan Stowell Restaurants (and many more). Prior to joining Turnstyle she spent several years working in operations and client support services. Originally from Arizona, Katrina is a lover of the great outdoors and can often be found on her kayak — rain or shine. 

Gracie Nicholas, Designer, joined the team in the Summer of 2021. A California transplant, you can often find her hiking, or spending time at the beach (even in January). Gracie enjoys making things with her hands, including sewing some super cool bags. At Turnstyle, Gracie truly hit the ground running, working on projects for KOE Kombucha, SharpeVision, and Amazon.

Christine Hager is a Senior Web Developer. She joined our team in late 2021, and has been working as a web developer for the last 7+ years. Christine plays the keyboard in multiple local folk rock bands, is a cat lover, and avid camper. Already a vital part of our growing development team, she recently worked on the new Fulcrum BioEnergy website. (Shout out to her Zoom-bombing cat, Poe!)

Erin Ladd is a Designer, and one of her many strengths is motion graphics. She recently relocated from Georgia: fun fact we now have 3 employees originally from Georgia. Erin is an avid traveler, and has lived on 3 different continents, plus an island. Erin is also a music lover, she plays the piano and the ukulele. Since joining Turnstyle, Erin has worked on projects for Slalom Build, Russell Investments, and WSECU. 

Kyle Fiore, Senior Designer, is Turnstyle’s newest addition. Previously at TenGun, Kyle has been working on brands such as XBox, Levis, and Sony. Kyle is a dog father, fisherman, and Sinatra fanatic, and we’re so excited he’s joined our team!

P.S. Oh, and Nick Katarow is back after taking a hiatus to build digital products on the client side! He’s the Turnstyle Technical Director, leading our website development team.

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