Promethean launches new brand identity


New Work

Education and the workplace have had to evolve and adapt in the last couple of years like never before. Situations like these can act as a catalyst for many companies and organizations to pivot or expand their brand presence. To grab the attention and interest of existing and prospective customers, Promethean—an educational technology company that makes interactive displays and teaching software—experienced such a moment.

Using branding as a tool to expand their audience during a time when neither students nor teachers were in the classroom, Promethean engaged Turnstyle to refresh their brand identity. The new logo and design system are rooted in the mythological meaning of the name—Prometheus, the Titan god of fire and learning. The complementing and varied colorways align with Promethean's varied audiences, and are designed to help them unveil and showcase upcoming product redesigns to be rolled out over the next several years.

Turnstyle has continued to expand upon the branding work, most recently with the development of a product launch campaign. The design evolutions continue to position Promethean as a leader and innovator in the competitive world of educational technology.

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