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Turnstyle principal and creative director Steven Watson was invited to serve as a juror for Communication Arts magazine’s 56th Annual Design Competition. Communication Arts is a professional journal for designers, art directors, design firms, corporate design departments, agencies and everyone involved in visual communications. The CA Design Annual, published each September, is one of the most respected competitions in our industry. 

Of the 4,083 entries to the 56th Design Annual, only 153 were accepted, representing the work of 141 designers, design firms and in-house design departments, making the Design Annual the most exclusive major design competition in the world. Entries were selected on the basis of creative excellence and quality of execution.

Steve screened entries along with five other jurors: Kelly Bjork (VSA Partners), Dora Drimalas (Hybrid-Design), Jay Fletcher (J Fletcher Deisgn), Jeffrey Keyton (MTV), and Jean Coyne (executive editor of Communication Arts magazine). It was an honor to be asked to participate alongside such accomplished fellow jurors.

Comm Arts Design Annual 2015 Spread B 1600

In the column that accompanies the design competition, Steve was asked for his point of view on the entries and the design trends they represent. He replied that “technology will continue to change how we consume media, images, and messages. But the underlying principles of design will always be relevant in communicating effectively, regardless of how the future evolves.”

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