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Nia Tero is a non-profit organization who works in solidarity with Indigenous peoples who sustain thriving territories and cultures to strengthen guardianship of Earth and all beings. Nia Tero believes that the peoples who call these places home are the best guardians of their cultures’ vital birthplaces, and that supporting the rights and livelihoods of Indigenous peoples, and following their leadership, is critical to the health of our planet as a whole. Nia Tero envisions an Earth where Indigenous guardianship of thriving homelands and waters is enabled everywhere possible.

With a young but established identity, Nia Tero needed a more robust website to better communicate the breadth of their mission and values to a broader audience and to feature and support their growing work, partnerships and initiatives in a fresh, grounded and approachable way.


Nia Tero


Identity, Digital

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Nia Tero Initiative : Reciprocity Project

Nia Tero supports and creates initiatives that align with their mission and values to support Indigenous guardianship of the environment and the amplification of Indigenous voices. Reciprocity Project is a short film series and multimedia platform dedicated to educating audiences about time-honored and current Indigenous ways of being through storytelling.

Turnstyle created a visual identity system that was related to the Nia Tero parent organization but had a unique look and feel of its own. Reciprocity wanted to feel distinctively fresh, young and progressive yet still organic and rooted. We applied the visual identity to a number of touchpoints including website, social media, digital advertising and swag.

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Everything in Reciprocity

The logo is evocative of both a lens which captures Indigenous stories and seven waves symbolizing the seven continents of the earth and the interconnected fluidity of being. It’s circular form and organic rendering further enforces the concept of endless reciprocity and sets a strong precedence for the use of circles through out the system.

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Inspired by the form and concept of the logo, mandalas are a unique graphic representation of layered cultures and environments in reciprocity throughout the earth—a conceptual lens into multiple corners of the world. They may be used in many ways to tell a variety of stories about Indigenous ways of being.

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