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Talking Rain achieved success beyond their own expectations when they launched Sparkling ICE, a line of full-flavored sparkling waters a few years ago. Since then, they've been adding flavors and expanding into new markets at a feverish pace. Determined not to be a one-product company, they have begun expanding into new categories. Turnstyle's designs for their Essence waters and Sparkling ICE Tea have helped them leverage the success of their core brand while exposing the company to new customers and channels.


Sparkling ICE


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Just the Essentials

As Sparkling ICE looked to make an entry into the rapidly growing essence-flavored sparkling water market, they faced a challenge in positioning the new product relative to their existing line of sweetened, full-flavor products. Our solution was to leverage Sparkling ICE’s tradition of vibrant color through exaggerated graphical bubbles. The clear beverage shows through behind the colorful graphics to bring home the fact that the water itself has no added colors or sweeteners.

Sparkling Ice Essence of water and peach bottles
Sparkling Ice essence of tangerine and lemon lime bottles
All Sparkling Ice Essence bottles
Sparkling Ice Essence Promo Box
Essence Promo Box 09
Sparkling Ice Essence Promo Box Opened

Iced Tea...with Bubbles

For Sparkling ICE Tea, the challenge was to create a line of packaging that leveraged the core product's vibrant, colorful brand ethos in a brown tea product. Research showed that consumers value seeing the natural color of the tea itself, which resonates with the product’s “natural” positioning. Added to this complexity is the communication challenge that the product is sparkling—highly unusual in the ready-to-drink tea market. 

The design solution uses vibrant color on the bottom of the bottle to tie in with the core product line, while leaving the beverage visible at the top to allow the natural tea to show through. The bubble pattern calls attention to the product’s effervescence, and the circular motif helps tie the design in with the Essence products.

Sparkling Ice Tea
Sparkling Ice Tea peach and raspberry bottles
Sparkling Ice Tea lemon and half & half bottles
Sparkling Ice Tea Lineup
Sparkling Ice Tea Advertisement on building


With the packaging concept landed, we developed a comprehensive campaign concept with print, web, social, and out-of-home media executions. 

The campaign concept centers around Sparkling ICE Tea as the antidote for feeling “flat.” This allows us to highlight two key product differentiators—it's carbonated (not flat), and, thanks to its natural brewed tea formula, it provides a refreshing, caffeinated pick-me-up to help lift your mood. The color green was used throughout the campaign to draw the connection to tea leaves and to help distinguish Tea marketing from the core brand’s campaign (which featured purple). Bubbles used throughout the materials drill home the sparkling concept and complement the “lift” message.

Sparkling Ice Tea Photography
Sparkling Ice Tea Billboard

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